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Developing on Tribe

Tribe empowers tens of thousands of successful communities. They come in all sizes, from all around the world, and each one is different. Tribe solves the hardest problems for building an online community such as feed, notifications, moderation, analytics, member management out of the box. However, every single community is unique.

That's where our amazing developers come in.

Make Tribe better for everyone#

Tribe's goal is to help all kinds of businesses building a customized social network to connect their audience together. But Tribe can't be all things to all businesses. Instead, we empower developers to create apps on top of Tribe's platform. Everything outside of Tribe's core is an app. Discussions, events, Q&A, Zoom integration, and Salesforce integration are some examples of apps.

In addition to the apps that Tribe builds on top of its platform (first-party apps), our developers are able to create apps for their company (second-party apps), or release their apps to everyone in Tribe ecosystem (third-party apps).

This way, businesses get access to more functionalities in Tribe, and developers can build their own businesses supporting those businesses.